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Top 3 most imaginative islands in One Piece:

The islands of One-Piece are just as bizarre as the world itself; they are creative and non-sensical. This article explores the top 3 most imaginative islands and explains why they are so special. The Imaginativeness of Islands: What sets apart One-Piece’s story arcs from several other Shonen manga is the insane degree of creativity. Every …

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Episode III: Safe Death and Perfect Revenge The skip jolted. Keyinde didn’t complain. Three days’ travelling from Nigeria Quarter. Keyinde didn’t complain. The skip stopped, the Emeralds stripping the carriages for batas, dùndúns, and other ways of conspiratorial communication. Didn’t complain, even as he starved for three days. Just chewing his niccos and staring, sleeping. …


The Sun has Set

The sun has set, and trees, like statues, meditate. The wheat has all been cut.                                                                         Federico Garcia Lorca, The Sun has Set   The veranda sang a lonely song in the dark. Its voice was full of damp and rust. Accompanying its lonely cries, a chorus of dormant bedroom doors, rattling in the breeze. …

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Episode I: Electric Ghouls Author: Jaccusse Keyinde yanked hard against the wires of the console, tearing Cyrus from the safe [Secure Antihack False Environment]: his body writhed in the nonspace between ones and zeroes. Cyrus’ retinas blazed, blinded with colour; one eye, with the hues of the safe’s false environment: Ajegunle (AJ), capital Lagos, Nigeria, …


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