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Creative writing, photography and art are just some of the mediums that would be perfect for Rebel Creative, but we work hard to showcase every member’s work. Write poems? Awesome! Bake cakes? Show us!

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The following is a selection of pieces, new and old, that our members have written.

    Episode V: Red Eye >>> PRINT (5 DAYS LEFT) —Stop it. Turn it off. Decrease! Please. I’m sorry. I’m not crazy. I don’t want revenge against safe death. I’m sorry. I … changed my mind. Screw the contract. It was a set up. I’m not crazy. I’m so sorry. There is no … — The … Read more
  • The Importance of Heroes
    Since the dawn of humanity, tales, stories, and novels regarding heroes have been abundant. Heroes are a universal phenomenon. In almost every culture, tales of heroes have been admired by their readers and listeners. The biblical story of David and Goliath remains a classic tale of the courageous capabilities of humans. It is a classic … Read more
  • One Piece’s Final 3 Villains
    Who are the final villains left in the story? One Piece is entering into the final saga. One Piece’s most built-up villains are going to be thrown into the battlefield shortly. This article presents three antagonists that could cause havoc soon. Akainu: Sakazuki, better known by his alias Akainu, currently holds the highest rank among … Read more
  • Top 3 most imaginative islands in One Piece:
    The islands of One-Piece are just as bizarre as the world itself; they are creative and non-sensical. This article explores the top 3 most imaginative islands and explains why they are so special. The Imaginativeness of Islands: What sets apart One-Piece’s story arcs from several other Shonen manga is the insane degree of creativity. Every … Read more
    Episode IV: The Soul Inside the Machine by Jacussee The door winced behind Keyinde, cringing as it shut. Night again. Keyinde smiled to the night, closed his eyes, and saw the real sky, beyond the screens, in his mind’s eye. Smoke curled upwards, the embers on the cig a careful orange in the silent black … Read more
    Episode III: Safe Death and Perfect Revenge The skip jolted. Keyinde didn’t complain. Three days’ travelling from Nigeria Quarter. Keyinde didn’t complain. The skip stopped, the Emeralds stripping the carriages for batas, dùndúns, and other ways of conspiratorial communication. Didn’t complain, even as he starved for three days. Just chewing his niccos and staring, sleeping. … Read more
  • The Sun has Set
    The sun has set, and trees, like statues, meditate. The wheat has all been cut.                                                                         Federico Garcia Lorca, The Sun has Set   The veranda sang a lonely song in the dark. Its voice was full of damp and rust. Accompanying its lonely cries, a chorus of dormant bedroom doors, rattling in the breeze. … Read more
    by: Jaccuse Episode 2: Necrosis If you ever licked the bottom of the Niger River, or the bed of ‘Odò-Ọya’ to Keyinde, one would meet the taste of mud, and a slight saltiness—the kind of details Keyinde sifted into his safes. Though not near his family’s ancestral home of AJ, the Niger River was his … Read more
  • The Politics of One Piece
    The Manga series “One Piece” follows an adventurous pirate known as “Monkey D. Luffy,” who sets out to sea in hope of finding the One Piece. Left by the Pirate King Gol D. Roger, the One Piece is a mysterious grand treasure all pirates hope to discover. Over the course of Luffy’s voyage, Luffy gathers … Read more
    Episode I: Electric Ghouls Author: Jaccusse Keyinde yanked hard against the wires of the console, tearing Cyrus from the safe [Secure Antihack False Environment]: his body writhed in the nonspace between ones and zeroes. Cyrus’ retinas blazed, blinded with colour; one eye, with the hues of the safe’s false environment: Ajegunle (AJ), capital Lagos, Nigeria, … Read more
  • Opinions on a Pipe Dream
    By Bethan Freeman A sickly mist stands meekly in limbo above the scorched land Differing influences meeting each other, a direct conjunction Will the force of what is supposed to be endow the vegetation with what it needs? Will it continue to smoulder or will the sky unfold Tumbling drops of a pipe dream Reaching … Read more
  • Animam Agere, and Other Disappointments
    By Sean Smith “Please sign to confirm you are dead. Here and here.”   I pressed my bloodied thumb onto a thin sheet. With it, the last product of me was stamped onto an empty form. The last version of me, imprinted on anything, anywhere, ever again. I screamed.   The car alarm cried, and … Read more
  • Rebel Creative: First Steps
    This thrilling creative writing piece by Patrik Tripes is filled with nail-biting action and the ambition to save a boy kidnapped by ghouls.
  • ‘Skateboards’ | Creative Writing Competition Winner
    Michael Fennis wins this Creative Writing Competition with ‘Skateboards’ – a story of friendship between a nervous octopus and a giant bumblebee.
  • Their Time.
    It had been a week ago that Lacie and Riley had been in the office, picking through their findings on the time travel machine.
  • It.
    It’s always there. Everywhere I go.

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