Rebel is a place for creative expression and the voice of students. Rebel Creative goes beyond just covering news, events and features to showcase more of what our members are passionate about.

Creative writing, photography and art are just some of the mediums that would be perfect for Rebel Creative, but we work hard to showcase every member’s work. Write poems? Awesome! Bake cakes? Show us!

It’s time to get inspired! So if you have your own creative piece you want to be shared through Rebel, let us know by emailing 

The following is a selection of pieces, new and old, that our members have written.

  • Rebel Creative: First Steps
    This thrilling creative writing piece by Patrik Tripes is filled with nail-biting action and the ambition to save a boy kidnapped by ghouls.
  • ‘Skateboards’ | Creative Writing Competition Winner
    Michael Fennis wins this Creative Writing Competition with ‘Skateboards’ – a story of friendship between a nervous octopus and a giant bumblebee.
  • Their Time.
    It had been a week ago that Lacie and Riley had been in the office, picking through their findings on the time travel machine.
  • It.
    It’s always there. Everywhere I go.

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