One Piece’s Final 3 Villains

Who are the final villains left in the story?

One Piece is entering into the final saga. One Piece’s most built-up villains are going to be thrown into the battlefield shortly. This article presents three antagonists that could cause havoc soon.


Sakazuki, better known by his alias Akainu, currently holds the highest rank among all Marines serving as a Fleet Admiral. Akainu is a hot-headed, harsh, and uncompromising Marine who expresses a burning hatred against pirates; this is what makes Akainu one of the most menacing Marines in the entire story.
Akainu adopts a concrete philosophy of “Absolute Justice.” Akainu views every pirate negatively, believing that he is justified to go to extreme measures to ensure the annihilation of pirates. During the events of the “Marine-Ford” arc, Akainu was determined to execute pirate Portgas D. Ace, famously penetrating his fist through the body of the pirate.

Ace was the protagonist’s (Monkey D. Luffy) brother. Thus if Luffy were to ever encounter the Fleet Admiral, a battle for vengeance for his brother may occur.

Although Akainu has been non-combatant post-time skip, his deep-rooted hatred for pirates remains. With pirates from the Worst-Generation drawing closer to the prized treasure of the “One Piece,” there is a high chance that the Fleet Admiral will get back to action, preventing pirates from reaching the treasure.

Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach, commonly referred to by his epithet “Blackbeard,” is a major antagonist who is sure to cause havoc in the final saga of the story.
Blackbeard is a malicious, masterful, and innovative strategist who has
Unethically, yet skillfully, maneuvered his way to reaching the peak of pirate status: becoming a “Yonko.”

Consistently throughout the One-Piece story, this character has profited from opportunities, often through victimizing pirates. One notable example is when Blackbeard assassinated his fellow pirate Thatch, upon him obtaining his prized devil-fruit the “Yami-Yami no Mi.” Blackbeard’s sly and callous intentions are what attribute to him being an compelling villain. Blackbeard has already engaged in combat with supernovas, such as Trafalgar D. Law. Blackbeard is set up to be protagonist Monkey D. Luffy’s final villain; the fight between these two Yonko’s is sure to be an enthralling duel.


Imu is a mysterious figure who appears to possess complete political authority over the World Government. Imu is definitely an antagonist of the One-Piece world. Imu is a secret world leader, ruling from the shadows of Pangea Castle in “Mary Geoise.”

Upon first meeting Imu, Imu is seen slicing the wanted posters over several pirates, including the likes of Monkey D. Luffy and Marshall D. Teach. It is clear that Imu has a dislike for these two pirates, which perhaps foreshadowing a future conflict between Imu and these characters.

The next time Imu is present, Imu desolates an entire island named the “Lulusia Kingdom”. This was after Revolutionary officer Sabo exposed the fact that somebody sits upon the supposed “Empty Throne” in “MaryGoise.” It is clear that Imu is content in undergoing evil procedures in order to protect his identity, which could pit Imu as a great antagonist for the Revolutionary army, who have a deep hatred for the World Government, and the corruption it breeds.

Perhaps the final duel of the One-Piece story should be between Luffy vs Imu. This would be a thematic clash between a pirate who embodies freedom against an authoritarian leader who represents the tight political control of the World Government.

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