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  • Why doesn’t Ukraine want to make peace with Russia right now?
    by Mark Neshta In the early spring of this year, my friend asked me a seemingly simple question: why doesn’t Ukraine just make peace with Russia – or conclude an armistice at least? Certainly, this would be in both parties’ best interest. Well, the situation is much more complicated. While Russia’s belligerence is quite understandable … Read more
  • Bringing back the Lost Life
    by Amreetap Mukherjee The voices that went silent forever, could be heard again. Genomics in the 21st Century has gone through an evolution, where we can do the undoable. Childhood science fiction is a reality now. Capability to create new species(Nishijima and Iijima, 2013) (Houdebine, 2009) is an asset to genomics now, as humans have … Read more
  • Joel Embiid’s MVP season has been hilarious
    Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76rs has been announced as the NBA 2022-23 MVP, he was incredible this season and deserves to have finished at least runner-up. What’s funny isn’t that he won, it isn’t about comparing stats or team records, it’s the long and winding road to his “Michael Jordan” trophy. In a season … Read more
  • Beau is Afraid IS INCREDIBLE
    Mannnnnn, man oh man oh man oh man, what can I say, how many words do I have? This movie was an absolute treat. Written and directed by Ari Aster this movie is an epic, the journey of a very anxious man who’s put through a lot of pain. It’s 3 hours long and honestly, … Read more
  • The Dark Psychology of Admiral Akainu
    Ever wondered what causes a hot head to become a hot head? The case of Admiral Akainu is a stellar example. Akainu is a well-known One Piece antagonist. A strict and fearsome Marine Admiral, he adopts a concrete philosophy of Absolute Justice, donning the narrow-minded belief that all pirates are evil individuals that need to … Read more
  • Since Star Wars’ The Mandalorian was first released in 2019, Star Wars fans worldwide have come to love Din Djarin’s apprentice Grogu (also known as “Baby Yoda”) massively.
    Grogu and his father-like figure – Mando – have traversed across the Star Wars galaxy, diving into enthralling, gripping, and suspenseful adventures. With the Season 3 finale, Grogu and Mando continue their bounty-hunting endeavors across the galaxy, but Grogu’s future largely remains an open book, bringing forward questions about what Grogu’s future could entail. Physical … Read more
  • Why do people not care about the coronation?
    We’re often told the monarchy is an essential institution, so why are so many people not thinking about it? On the 2nd of June in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation took place, and for almost 70 years Britain didn’t have a coronation, until now. When Elizabeth passed away last September, the period of national mourning … Read more
  • Super Mario Bros Movie Review
    This is one of those movies where depending on who you see it with it can be either terrible or the best thing since pineapple on coconut juice. My screening wasn’t particularly that exciting, very few audible laughs except my own but hey, I had fun. I’m at that age in my life where every … Read more
  • One Piece’s Top 3 Mysterious characters:
    One Piece has an abundance of characters, but perhaps some of the most intriguing characters are the vague, secretive, and obscure characters that lurk in the shadows of the story. For this list, I am examining the most mystifying One Piece characters who have undisclosed backstories and whom we’re curious to learn more about. 3. … Read more

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