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    “‘Leaps off the page’ doesn’t even accurately describe the feeling,” said director Noah Alfred Pantano. “It’s more than that. It’s knowing there’s something here. This is a script that needs to be put on.” This is a show that is touching the hearts and minds of audiences great and small. Developed from a creative writing … Read more
  • The Latin American Community at Essex
    Creating a Home, far from Home Through parties, cultural celebrations and important sociopolitical discussions, the Latin American community on campus has come together and built strong, unbreakable bonds. The University of Essex has a diverse community of students coming from a variety of backgrounds. One of these, although often overlooked, is the Latin American community; … Read more
  • A Look Into the Polish Society: Inclusivity, Consistency, & Unity
    By Sariah Lake The Polish Society of Essex has a lot to offer to campus this year led by President Monika Grzybek, who is supported by the rest of her executive team, Serhii Dutov, International Officer, Aleksandra Zakrzewska, secretary, Kornelia Krauze, treasurer, and Haru, Welfare Officer. The group works to cater to Polish international students, … Read more
  • Junction
    A Cyber-Slow-Down short story, by Rio Wulfmare Jacked from any sleep or rest, bleary and wet eyed, the engineer scampered down the tunnel until he fell into the frigid, pale light of a hollow dome. Wide eyes glimpsed a dark thing, a kind of fractured column, standing at the dome’s middle on a plinth. All … Read more
  • The Fall of the Soviet Union – MUN
    By Samvit Sibal The Event Model United Nations Essex, the Politics Society, and the History Society hosted a collaborative event on Thursday. The event took place as a Model United Nations (MUN) style debate, with members of all three societies choosing to represent a specific country and debate international issues as if they were all … Read more
  • How Depression Affected Me – TW
    Firstly, a message on behalf of everyone at Rebel… We wanted to thank Yury for bravely coming forward and telling his story. He’s been a writer with us for over a year, and the telling of his story is there to help anyone tackling any kind of mental strain, it’s truly inspiring. By Yury Karutin … Read more
  • Why Damsel doesn’t need saving. 
    By Claudia Bradley March the 8th is always a great day for female empowerment, and the fact that Netflix chose International Women’s Day to release Damsel is no shock and very fitting.  Milly Bobby-Brown stars in this hundred-and-ten-minute fantasy-turned-thriller, when Princess Elodie is promised to marry handsome Prince Henry (Nick Robinson) in exchange for gold for her starving … Read more
  • One World Essex: A Week of Culture on Campus
    By Sariah Lake In the first week of March, the University of Essex Student Union presented a series of events surrounding cultural unity on campus. This initiative is spearheaded by VP International, Adrian Wong. The week kicked off with a flag parade (on March 4th) where students were invited to walk through campus waving their … Read more
  • ‘One Love: The Bob Marley Movie’ Review, Controversy, & Discussion
    By Sariah Lake For people in the Caribbean, the idea of a Bob Marley movie has elicited mixed reactions. Some were buzzing with enthusiasm, seeing it as an opportunity for a Jamaican story to be told in the mainstream. Others saw it as selling out to Western ideals and contradictory to Bob Marley’s anti-consumerism approach … Read more

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