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  • A meatless protein guide
    Veganuary might be over, but the year is just beginning, and with it brings a whole host of meatless options.
  • Paris turned fashion upside down – Literally.
    As usual, the designers created as many talking points as they did garments, and social media has been rife with excited discussion, blazing criticism, and a fresh wave of memes. From Doja Cat’s 30,000 crimson Swarovski crystals to Kylie Jenner’s Schiaparelli lion at her breast, we’ve seen it all. 
  • The Sun has Set
    The sun has set, and trees, like statues, meditate. The wheat has all been cut.                                                                         Federico Garcia Lorca, The Sun has Set
  • Pathaan and how to make a comeback
    Shah Rukh Khan’s hiatus made a lot of people think his star has faded, but he proved it hasn’t. Shah Rukh Khan, often
  • Essex University Celebrates Lunar New Year
    Millions of people across the world celebrated the Lunar New Year with food, firecrackers, family reunions and reflection. Essex University was no exception, with the Student’s Union organising a whole week of events in collaboration with ISA, CCCS and CSSA. 
  • Complacency and decline
    The problem with letting people stay in power for too long. With most of the Western world living under democracies, it would seem
  • Immigration in the UK – a new deal with France to reduce illegal immigration
    Immigration is currently a big political debate in many European countries. Whether it is for work, family reasons, political reasons, to flee war,
  • I don’t understand the hype around Knives Out
    Before this devolves into a “THIS IS THE MAN THAT SINGLE HANDEDLY RUINED STAR WARS” debacle I’ll say this: Rian Johnson directed what
  • How much do we know about athletes?
    Successful athletes possess many traits. Their skill, technique, and overall ability are usually extraordinary. The perfection of these traits evidently shows why they

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