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  • Human Rights Day Celebrated at the University of Essex
    Rozenn Quernee takes a look at the Human Rights Day celebrations held on campus,organised by the Hunan rights Centre and the Human rights society.
  • Nightmare before Christmas! Boris Johnson embroiled in Downing St party scandal
    Thomas Morgan takes a look at the Downing Street Party scandal currently engulfing British Politics..
  • Romanian National Day celebrated at the University of Essex
    Teo Coroiu writes about the Romanian Societies event on campus for Romanian National day which commemorates the 103rd anniversary of the unification of the country!
  • University of Essex staff strike for third time in 3 years
    Last week Staff at the University of Essex went on Strike for 3 days for the third time in 3 years, whilst it caused disruption to students the staff striking argue this was the last resort……
  • Comment: The Economics of Football
    Ekow Owusu-Boakye provides his comment and analysis on the fascinating subject of the ‘economics of Football’ and how the Beautiful game can be viewed through the scope of economics and marketing…….
  • Global Citizen Climate Event at Essex
    Rebel’s Teresa Hopp takes a look at the Global citizen climate change event that included a panel of experts and commentators, held on the University of Essex’ campus. She also touched on the recent COP26 summit in Glasgow and whether we met the moment, as time is increasingly running out …
  • #GirlsNightIn on Campus
    Rebels Thomas Morgan takes a look at the #GirlsNightIn movement and how the SU is supporting female students. As well as an interview with Essex women’s networks women’s officer Marina Cusi Sanchez.
  • Essex Students protest the visit of Colonel Richard Kemp
    Thomas Morgan explores the Student protest against the visit of Colonel Richard Kemp in October and wider debates around academic freedom on campus, as well as context to the the issues raised by protestors….
  • Academy Awards 2021: a few reviews to prepare for the Oscars
    While movie theatres have been closed for most of the last year, the ceremony of the Oscars is still going ahead with some terrific movies, many of which came out directly on streaming platforms such as Netflix. At this turning point in film history, Tom Abadie and Charlie Hain had a look at a few …

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