The Importance of Heroes

Since the dawn of humanity, tales, stories, and novels regarding heroes have been abundant. Heroes are a universal phenomenon. In almost every culture, tales of heroes have been admired by their readers and listeners. The biblical story of David and Goliath remains a classic tale of the courageous capabilities of humans. It is a classic story of an unfavorited and disregarded underdog – David – who courageously battles a colossal combatant: Goliath. And surprisingly, David, through his valorous fighting endeavor, manages to defeat Goliath.

The underdog story is a tried and tested trope that to this today manages to captivate and engage people. But what is it exactly that captivates humans towards heroes? Where does this admiration and respect stem from?

Humans consistently battle adversity in their lives. Social, physical, mental and economic turbulences can be inflicted onto individuals throughout their walk of life. These challenges can be fearsome and frightening, and we may begin to doubt our own ability to defeat them – we question whether we are truly good enough to overcome this obstacle: this is where the admiration for a hero is born. Heroes show the full potential of humans; how with dedication and perseverance an obstacle can be overthrown. Heroes motivate us to continue to strive and fulfil our aspirations, to continue preserving when all the odds are against you. Heroes are a symbol, that allows us to imagine what we would be, if we improved ourselves to the furthest extent.

However, the most important aspect of heroes is that they represent the best in humanity. They display the good in humanity, that there’s people who are selfless and our willing to contribute to a greater good, far greater than their own existence. There are several great examples of heroes, some fictional, others real. Every individual reveres different heroes with different traits because the meaning and effect of a hero is different to everyone.

Heroes will continue to emerge for generations. Wherever obstacles emerge, valiant and courageous individuals will overcome these difficulties, inspiring others to do the same.

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