Bailey’s Band of the Week – Trophy Eyes

By Bailey McLaughlin

Trophy Eyes are a melodically charged pop-punk/hardcore band formed in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia in 2013. The band currently consists of John Floreani (vocals), Jeremy Winchester (bassist), Josh Campiao (guitarist) and Blake Caruso (drummer). Their music is raw and overflowing with passion.  

Throughout the years Trophy Eyes have evolved and experimented with their sound. One of their standout features is their emotionally charged lyrics. Their vocalist John Floreani tends to explore personal struggles and relationships which add layers of depth and relatability to their songs. Trophy Eyes draw their inspiration from a variety of genres which has led to them fusing punk, alternative, and post-hardcore elements. 

Over the years Trophy Eyes have played global shows, both big and small. They’ve played at Reading and Leeds, Download, and Slam Dunk Festivals in the UK as well as Vans Warped Tour in the United States. I have had the pleasure of seeing them at 2 festivals as well as 2 intimate shows in London – they definitely know how to create a great atmosphere and get the crowd going. They bring intensity and passion to the stage and have the ability to connect with their audience which has contributed to their growing reputation in the music scene.

Their latest album, Suicide and Sunshine, was released 23rd June 2023 through Hopeless Records. It is a very accurately titled album as the 12 tracks dive into life’s infinite capacity for the most joyous and the most horrific of events to play out. The is no denying that this album has some heavy hits and deep cuts. “Sweet Soft Sound” is an intimate acoustic ballad where John Floreani serenades the love of his life and “Life In Slow Motion” is an ode to life’s small moments of pleasantry. Then things get devastating with tracks as such “People Like You” which talks about John’s experiences growing up considerably poorer than his middle-class peers. The track that hits the hardest is “Sean” which is a tribute to a friend who took his own life. It diarises the day that John found out what happened in detail as well as his regret over the last words they shared. This album is a work of art. Their previous albums consist of Mend, Move On (2014), Chemical Miracle (2016) and The American Dream (2018).

Trophy Eyes were on track to break up. Cracks began to form during lockdown. They parted ways with their manager and were kept in separate cities due to rigid pandemic restrictions. Their latest album became their way of signing off and they recorded it in Thailand as restrictions lifted. It would be their time in Thailand that unlocked the feeling of magic they had been missing – instead of feeling uninspired and run down, they were doing something that made them really happy. Once the band heard some of their songs coming together, they knew that it would be insane of them to not continue. 

Trophy Eyes are one of my top 3 bands, I have 3 tattoos dedicated to them including the words “Chemical Miracle” tattooed on my chest in reference to my favourite album and the 2 tracks on their that resonate with me the most, “Chemical” and “Miracle”. My favourite songs include, My Name on Paper, White Curtains, Nose Bleed, Heaven Sent and Suicide Pact. 

Give them a listen and see what you think for yourself. 

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