Super Mario Bros Movie Review

This is one of those movies where depending on who you see it with it can be either terrible or the best thing since pineapple on coconut juice.

My screening wasn’t particularly that exciting, very few audible laughs except my own but hey, I had fun.

I’m at that age in my life where every now and then I’ll go to a movie by myself, get away from myself for a while you know.

It’s like I’m married to myself, every day I wake up and sometimes I wake up with someone else, but every single day, I wake up with myself.

So sometimes, I just need to get away from myself from everything I know.

Anyways, the movie. Yeah, so, what can I say, it’s a pretty standard 1-hour 30-minute advert for the Super Mario games.

Watching this movie made me want to play Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, Mario 64, and maybe even some Donkey Kong Country as a palate cleanser.

I think Chris Pratt was the stand-out performer because everyone else you’d be like oh that’s Charlie Day, or oh that’s Jack Black.

Mario didn’t sound like Chris Pratt, he sounded like Mario. Really an impressive thing to pull off.

My favourite character was Lumalee, a blue Lumal from the Super Mario Galaxy series, another game this movie made me want to play.

A cheerfully suicidal character that’s a great break from all the action and events.

I genuinely enjoy adverts, sometimes… I think this movie is just a very long advert and I like the transparency and simplicity of it.

It’s like coming home at 6 watching The Simpsons and then watching those adverts in between, none of which I can remember. But they were fun, even if they weren’t as The Simpsons.

Mario Kart wasn’t particularly a great animated movie but it was a fun one, and that’s really as much as you can ask for.

3/5 Italian hand gesture emoji

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