One Piece’s Top 3 Mysterious characters:

One Piece has an abundance of characters, but perhaps some of the most intriguing characters are the vague, secretive, and obscure characters that lurk in the shadows of the story.

For this list, I am examining the most mystifying One Piece characters who have undisclosed backstories and whom we’re curious to learn more about.

3. Monkey D. Dragon:

Monkey D. Dragon. Infamously nicknamed, “The world’s worst criminal,” he is the leader of the Revolutionary Army, a revolutionary group that seeks to end the tyrannical rule of the World Government & Celestial dragons.

Monkey D. Dragon has for the most part remained a shadowy character in the story of One Piece. He first arrived at the end of the Logue-town arc, rescuing pirate Monkey D. Luffy (who would later be revealed to be his son) from capture by the Marines.

During this short altercation, Dragon encouraged Luffy to pursue his dream of becoming the Pirate King, saying “if that’s your decision then go.”

This was a short peek into Dragon’s character; he, like many other members of the “D” clan, seems to be an advocate for freedom.

Prior to forming the Revolutionary Army, Dragon was a member of the Freedom Fighters. This was the precursor to the current Revolutionary Army. Monkey D. Dragon is an individual who desires to free oppressed individuals who obey the tyrannical rule of the World Government.

We know Dragon is passionate about defeating the World Government. But the true question is, where does this abhorrence for the World Government stem from? Perhaps there was a personal circumstance or event that severely impacted Dragon, causing him to revolt against the World Government.

This question only becomes more puzzling when considering that Dragon’s father is a Marine, nicknamed the “Hero” – this being Monkey D. Garp. How did a respected Marine Vice-Admiral let his son become a passionate revolutionary?

This multitude of questions that surround Dragon is what makes him such a mysterious character. A detailed Dragon backstory is sure to answer readers’ curious questions.

2. Joyboy:

The Void – Century remains a primary mystery in the One-Piece story: a century long gap in history that occurred 800 years ago, that was monumental in shaping the future of the world, as we know it today. Joy Boy was a central figure during this period; a man who allegedly fought against the 20 kings, a comrade of Zunesha, and who left behind the legendary treasure of the “One Piece”.

We first learn about Joyboy during the Fishman Island arc. When Robin analyses a Poneglyph, which was an apology to the residents of Fishman Island, Joyboy apologises for being unable to bring the Fishmen to the surface of the world, which he would have accomplished via the Noah ship.

No concrete facts have been revealed about Joyboy. Regardless, many readers speculate that Joyboy was a member of the will of D; some even argue that he is the originator of the will of D. Other readers think that Joyboy wore a straw hat, like protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. This is because in Pangea castle a massive straw hat, which appears to have been preserved for many years, lies stagnantly. The large size of the Straw hat has led many readers to believe that Joyboy was a giant. This would make sense since Giants can live for hundreds of years; therefore, Joyboy may have lived during the entire 100-year period of the Void Century and wrote the apology letter to Poseidon right at the end of the century.

These speculations are interesting. However, for now, we will have to patiently wait until author Eiichiro Oda satisfies our curiosity by officially revealing the facts in the Manga.

Special mentions:

Man Marked by Flames:

Recently in the One-Piece manga, a mysterious character who is said to possess the final Road Poneglyph has caused a frenzy of curiosity in the One-Piece fandom. This character is the Man Marked by Flames.

In chapter 1056 Eustass Kidd stated that he wanted to go after the “Man Marked by Flames,” also known as the “Man with the burn scar.” Instantaneously, fans suggested multiple characters as to who this man might be. Aokiji, Scopper Gaban, and Dragon were all popular candidates as to who this man could be. However, in chapter 1066, it was revealed that Jaguar D. Saul was still alive after the Ohara incident and was severely burnt during his escape. Fans instantaneously concluded that Saul was the Man Marked by Flames.

But this theory quickly came to an end after chapter 1081, when Blackbeard pirate Lafitte stated that a man marked by flames traverses the New World on a black ship and has the ability to create giant whirlpools. This only adds more mystery as to who this character is, deepening fans’ interest in this character.

1. Imu:

Imu is undoubtedly the most mysterious character in One-Piece: a shadowy, dark, and vague figure that secretly rules the World Government from the dungeons of Pangea Castle.

There are several layers of mystery to Imu. How did Imu become the ruler of the World Government? Is Imu a human being? What powers does Imu possess? Why does Imu store a massive straw hat in the ruins of Pangea Castle? Is Imu from the Void Century? These questions currently remain unknown. However, what we do know is that Imu is a cold-hearted individual who is willing to eliminate innocent civilians for the secrecy of his existence.

As seen in Chapter 1066, Imu desolated the Lulusia Kingdom after Revolutionary Army second-in-command officer Sabo discovered the existence of Imu. In addition to this, Imu clearly holds immense political power. They sit on the supposed “Empty Throne,” therefore making him the “King of the World.”

This means that Imu can bend the entire world to (His/ Her) will, if Imu so desires.

Imu is being set up to be a major antagonist for the End Game of One Piece, and I am sure the pirates will witness the true wrath of this character.

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