Joel Embiid’s MVP season has been hilarious

Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76rs has been announced as the NBA 2022-23 MVP, he was incredible this season and deserves to have finished at least runner-up.

What’s funny isn’t that he won, it isn’t about comparing stats or team records, it’s the long and winding road to his “Michael Jordan” trophy.

In a season with the smallest difference between the best and worst teams in league history, what differentiates the best players from each other?

Is it the numbers they put up? Yes, but not really. Is it where their team finished the league? Yes, but not quite exactly. Is it how dominant they were when they played? Yes, but… well, there’s more to it.

Is it… their race? The race of the voters? The final stretch of games? If they’ve won it before? It kinda is.

You see, the NBA is like politics, you pick your team, your MVP, and everyone on the other side, anyone who disagrees, well? They’re just wrong. Morally, spiritually, physically, metaphorically, and anatomically incorrect.

There are also parallels in terms of Shakespearian storytelling, Greek tragedies where hubris precedes the almighty fall.

We had Boris Johnson’s party gate, Liz Truss’s economic meltdown, and Rishi Sunak’s immigration crisis here in the UK.

The NBA had Kendrick Perkins “80% of the voters are white” and Joel Embiid’s “The eye test tells you that they’re not good defensively.”

Perkins and Embiid the battle but they’ve lost the war. Jokic is clearly the best player in the league this season and Embiid is not even close.

Look, you had to be there for it. The articles and tv segments discussing this race were just hilarious to read and watch.

One article leads with Jokic’s performance in last year’s playoffs as the big reason d‘tere for Embiid’s MVP.

Another article would list advanced statistics that no regular NBA fan has ever heard of. Like LEBRON and RAPTOR as proof of the concept that Jokic is among the best defenders in the league.

As Joel would say, “The eye test tells you” otherwise.

At the end of the day, MVP is not about who is the best or most valuable player anymore. It’s become like the Oscars.

Just like Jamie Lee Curtis won best supporting actress because well, she should’ve won one somewhere down the line.

Joel Embiid won this MVP cause well he should win one at some point in his career, right?

Oh, and it’s also because MVP voters are scared of looking racist, thanks Kendrick Perkins, you win.

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