Beau is Afraid IS INCREDIBLE

Mannnnnn, man oh man oh man oh man, what can I say, how many words do I have? This movie was an absolute treat.

Written and directed by Ari Aster this movie is an epic, the journey of a very anxious man who’s put through a lot of pain.

It’s 3 hours long and honestly, it’s not for everyone.

It felt like when u start listening to music your friends or parents didn’t put you on, or start getting into specific comedy.

This movie was like finding Norm Macdonald when I was a 16-year-old, watching Bring the Pain by Chris Rock in yr9.

It was one of those rare moments where I watched something and immediately felt it.

This movie was made for me.

It’s sensibilities, it’s twisted humour and surrealism, its portrayal of a very particular mother-son dynamic. I really should call my mum more often.

I’m still not really certain what it was about, whether there is a central message, and what that is. I don’t really care.

Sometimes when someone tells you a story you don’t go ‘So what? What was the point of that?’

You go ‘Wow. Fucking hell man…’ and you smile or you frown or you blow some air out of your mouth and raise your eyebrows and think for a minute and you have nothing to say so you just say it again.

‘Wow, Fucking hell man’

It’s a great story, act 1 and Act 2 felt perfect in the way they delivered very specific characters and moments, with every frame and choice Aster made, I felt like Goldilocks finding the porridge that’s juuuuuust right.

Act 3 tied it all together and it had great performances but I think it lost steam, the evil matriarch trope is a bit tired even though it was done I just didn’t really want it to make sense.

I think you might find it exhausting and wonder what you’re meant to leave with; does he wanna bang his mom? What was the hamartia (google it) of our tragic hero? Is this about Judaism?

It felt incredibly familiar and somehow distinctly unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

I was trapped inside the man having an emotional breakdown over and over and over again…

It was sensational

5 outta 5 I love movies man, thank you Ari Aster

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