65 review

65 was 90 minutes long. That was the sole redeeming feature of this feature movie.

In an age where movies are far too long for their good, 65 was still far too long for its good, but at least it was only 90 minutes long.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Ashish, Adam Driver is in it, he’s a good actor. He’s not good in this one.

Ashish, it’s a movie for kids with dinosaurs and good cgi? Almost the entire movie feels like it was in front of a green screen, that’s not good cgi, it’s immersion-breaking.

Ashish, it can’t be that bad… Dear reader, I gave it every chance.

How many chances did I give it? 1, but that’s 1 more than it deserved and 1 more than I should’ve done.

*Spoilers Ahead*

65 is set 65 million years ago just before the asteroids ended the dinosaurs. Adam Driver is an alien on a mission who crash lands on Earth, his ship loses all the passengers except an 11-year-old girl played by Ariana Greenblat.

The movie is mainly about the language barrier between them, their journey to their getaway ship, and the imminent threat of Dinosaurs.

If there is one good thing I can say about it, it’s not how the dinosaurs were used. As contrived and stupid as the plot points were it did deliver a story.

I don’t know if that’s a good thing, I’ve already said the good thing, it’s length, 90 minutes of pure pg rated boredom.

Honestly, I think there is one situation that’s perfect for this movie when you need a nap.

1 Alien outta 5 Predators

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