By Shola Osiyemi

Christmas is a festive celebration that occurs in December. It has a famous religious origin, as it commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is widely celebrated across the world, bringing family and friends together for an annual, wholesome experience. 

This global outpouring of happiness, joy and euphoria is known as the Christmas spirit. This is felt when our environment starts to change. For instance, businesses will begin to fixate their promotional activities around Christmas, supermarkets install Christmas trees and decorations in their store.

This breeds a positive aura, as there is a strong national devotion to Christmas. In addition to our environment in the public space changing, it also changes in our work lives, with universities and workplaces alike hosting Christmas parties and Christmas-themed events.  

Christmas at the University of Essex is jovial. A gigantic, dazzling Christmas tree is installed in the heart of the Colchester campus, several societies host Christmas dinners and festive events.

The Student Union organise a Winter market, where several societies sell a variety of Christmas treats. During this market, an inflatable snow globe is present, with students able to enter the globe and take a merry picture with the inflatable snowman.

The compilation of festive activities is what breeds a Christmas spirit at Essex University, there is a genuine devotion to Christmas made by students and staff. 

Whilst speaking to several students, gathering a consensus on what Christmas at Essex University means to them, I spoke to Computer Science student Sheyi, who told me that Christmas at Essex has been “very accommodating”.

He explained that ‘the benefit of having a superstore located near the campus, has allowed easy access for purchasing Christmas items and products.’

Additionally, Mari, an Essex University student commented on how snow falling “amplified the Christmas experience”, as snow is traditionally synonymous with Christmas, further strengthening the magical, merry atmosphere at Essex University. 

Not every student celebrates Christmas at Essex however, nonetheless, every student is welcome to attend the student unions events and activities, immersing themselves in the greatness of the event. This is what creates the jubilant buzz around Essex University; students from a multitude of ethnicities are having fun enjoying Christmas time.