One World Essex back on Colchester campus

One World Essex back on Colchester campus

A rainy day didn’t stop the international students at Essex to represent their country by holding their national flag as part of day one of One World Essex celebrations.

Parade flags on squares, international food festival, and music were how the SU celebrated their students from over 145 countries here at Essex.

One World Essex is about showing appreciation for all the international students that creates the Essex community. Between 1st-10th of March, the Students Union along with ISA manage to bring together all cultures in one place.

Sticking with the theme, SU offered for those who love a challenge interactive quiz in MOA.

The free henna sessions were the most loved ones by our students. The unique designs made a lot of people to fell in love with the Indian culture.

Another successful event was the international food festival which took place on square 3, wherewith the financial support offered by SU and ISA the execs of the cultural societies had the
chance to share with everyone their most favorite traditional dishes.

Jacopo, President of Italian Society said: “We just re-started our society, so we are here to promote our culture and show to Essex students that we are willing to collaborate with the other cultural societies, create events, and organise parties for everyone.

“We had a long queue, and we almost finished every food that we had. The interaction with students was amazing.”

Rehman, a member of Pakistani society said: “We are giving to our students which is a traditional sweet dish in Pakistan, it’s the delicacy of Pakistan.

“We are here today to encourage and enhance the cultural exchange.

“The dish was so popular among students we managed to give them every treat.”

The SU wanted for this celebration to be stuck with the students for many years from now, and for that to be possible they arranged a free photo booth for those who wanted to have pictures printed with their loved ones.

Nash, VP International said: “We tried to make things more accessible and freer just to encourage as many people as possible to come.

“The students went to the different societies to ask where they are from and what foods they have to represent their country, why they are giving them that specific sweet, what it means for them, all this sort of questions.”

On Friday, the Cypriot society organised a series of traditional dances which they performed on square 3.

The 9th of March was another day dedicated to cultural societies, where some of them performed traditional dances, sold their cultural food, or played traditional music.

The popularity of the henna sessions was so huge, the SU kept them for a few more days.

One World Essex wrapped up with a crazy night in SubZero on the 10th of March.

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