Rebellion 2024: THANK YOU!!!

Rebel’s 60-hour livestream was a success, where we raised a record-breaking £850 pounds for our chosen charity.

Beacon House, a Christian charity in Colchester which supports people who are homeless or in insecure housing situations, will continue to work their magic with this incredible donation we can give them.

Steve Brown, the Chief Executive Officer for Beacon House, said: “This is fantastic news– thank you so much! What a result. Thank you, and your team, for all you’ve done.”

He added, “I really hope the event was as successful in itself as it was fund raising for Beacon House.”

And it was!

There were 2,500 views across the 60 hours of the stream, with an influx of people tuning in for DJ Rad Dad’s tunes and Joar, Chris and Adrian’s Hot Ones.

Joar (VP Student Experience), Chris (DJ Rad Dad), and Adrian (VP International) eating hot sauce on wings.

Around 14 societies came down to the studios to get involved, with many sharing their excitement at the experience on their social media pages.

Natalia (Rebel’s Deputy Head of Radio) and the Polish Society in the studios.

With your help, we raised £500 in less than 50 hours, which is the normal length of the Rebellion. We’re extremely proud to see that our extra efforts this year, on the university’s 60th anniversary, raised even more than we could’ve hoped.

Rebels cheer as we reached 60 hours of streaming at 9am, Sunday 18th of February.

Rebel’s Head of Video, Nathan Lewis, fulfilled his promise to shave his head when we reached £450.

And Joar Blume-Robertsson, Essex SU’s VP Student Experience, is set to get his Rebel logo tattoo, which he promised if we reached £750.

Nathan (Rebel’s Head of Video) with his freshly shaved head.

We plan to put the Rebellion forward at the SU Activities Awards for Event of the Year, as well as most engagement and biggest volunteering event.

DJ Rad Dad hyping up the viewers in his set.

Thank you so much to every single person who came through our studio doors to help with this event, as well as everyone who recorded podcasts and footage outside it. We truly couldn’t have done it without you, and we hope you’re just as proud as us at what we’ve all achieved!

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