Bailey’s Band of the Week: Citizen

By Bailey McLaughlin

Citizen is a band that have always kept listeners on their toes, constantly switching up their sound with every album release. Coming from Toledo, Ohio, the band consists of Mat Kerekes on vocals, Nick Hamm on lead guitar, Eric Hamm on bass, Mason Mercer on rhythm guitar, and Ben Russin on drums. These guys have been making music for over a decade and have an amazing talent for channelling their raw emotions into pure tunes and putting on a must-see live show. The energy this band puts into their work is unreal.

Over the years they have picked up many labels that vary from post-hardcore to shoegaze and they refuse to fit neatly in a box. It is clear to see their progression and growth from young lads playing local venues to a lively and thriving band that are selling out shows and playing major worldwide festivals.

Citizen have just released their fifth studio album on 6th October 2023 through Run for Cover Records. Across their 11 tracks, the album explores a whole range of styles and moods, some are unforgettable melodies, others are singalong anthems and there are even some timeless classics that border of garage rock thrown in there. Some of my personal favourites are “If You’re Lonely”, “Hyper Trophy”, and “Takes One to Know One”. It is a very energized album that would be unreal to see live.

When it comes to their albums, it is almost impossible for me to pick a favourite. I can confidently say their albums “Youth” and “Everybody is Going To Heaven” had a heavy influence on what music I found myself listening to at 15/16. I remember finding them through Tumblr, hearing “Sleep” and “Yellow Love” for the first time, and then finding their Split album with a band called Turnover – all made me fall even more in love with their sound. They have had a constant home in my playlists since then as they have failed to release anything that is a disappointment.

Check Citizen out and see what you think for yourselves. They are currently touring the USA and Canada with Narrow Head and Modern Color and are set to tour the UK and Europe in February 2024 with Drug Church.

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