Three days challenges!

by Maria Ferreira Guimaraes

Celebrating International Women’s Day is far more than just remembering it. More than a story on Instagram, more than just an excuse to have a beer at a bar with the girls without slowing down for 5 minutes and asking yourself: what does this day mean personally for me?

This year, I asked this same question to myself. Immediately I thought about the women of my life. All of them share in common the fact that they are genuinely interested in making me a better person and adding value to my life. They inspire me, and they all teach me by example.

Undoubtedly, the best way to teach.

Celebrating them is what it means to me the most to celebrate this day!

After finding our whys and wherefores, I would like to challenge myself and you in three effortless but meaningful ways during three days:

Day 1: Do your best to show gratitude for the women that have been contributing to building your character.

Day 2:Do your best to show recognition for the women genuinely interested in improving your life today!

Day 3: Take some time to think about what type of woman and human being you want to be tomorrow. How can you add value to your surrounder’s life?

Happy International Women’s Day!

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