Terezie’s Poems

I know myself

I don’t fall in love easily 

I crave something real 

Something real that gives me chills 

And butterflies in my stomach

Something quite unusual  

I know myself 

I find myself in place of insecurity and disbelief

About whom I can be 

I fear not being enough 

Of not being confident 

Of not looking mature and stereotypical 

Although my soul feeds off from passion for wisdom and knowledge 

I can’t still see me and the potential “someone”

When I still question my validation

And femininity

Behind the closed doors

And only cold shower can bring me back to life from these past traumas

I know me 

I overanalyse and speculate 

And when there is nothing left to analyse about my persona 

I give my brain a new false story to formulate and a reason to stay 

Credits: Terezie Cizkova

I have been quiet for too long

That is why I decided to play different game

I won’t be silent anymore

I understood my voice is beautiful

And even more beautiful when it’s loud

Louder than it used to be

To speak your truth is important

But even more when you tell the facts

For there is no right or wrong with facts

As they mean they cannot be denied

And misinformation can’t stand in the way

When you know you are on the right side of history

Credits: Terezie Cizkova

It’s over now

Me being fooled by my own imaginations

About love

About life

How I can fall in love with someone so easily

When it’s not even real

The secrets lie in knowing yourself first

You are more sain when you know your own expectations

But you must keep them realistic

Dream as high as the sky

But see things for what they are

Credits: Terezie Cizkova

We often don’t realize how beautiful we are

How some of our qualities are in fact unique 

Crucial for the humankind 

Or we do not realize how much our behaviour influences others in a positive way

Unless we hear it over and over again

And even then 

Our distracted mind is still occupied with criticism instead of self-love 

So, tell me

How many times we need to hear that we are so important for this world 

So, we finally believe it 

“The only way is to internalise this every day,

until one day you wake up and you feel like you were born again”

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