Poems: by Rosie

A poem for all dog owners:

‘My working from home Valentine’

Your little furry face is my daily alarm

Your look of devotion, your fur-baby charm

I stroke your soft ears, feeling peaceful and calm

(Even though you smell bad and you drool on my arm!)

I’m working from home but I’m staying on mute

As your squeak toy zooms by, with you in pursuit

Not you can’t have more biscuits – don’t try to look cute!

Oh my working from home valentine,

Though you’re naughty and noisy – you’re mine x

Bank Holiday Thanks

This poem was written earlier in the year as a token of appreciation to all the

key-worker heroes whose jobs require them to work Bank Holidays.

Thank you.

We’ve arrived in sunny June and the bank holidays are soon

When we can enjoy our hobbies and pursuits

We can picnic in the park and stay up after it gets dark

As there will be no morning rush to our commutes

We can enjoy the great outdoors (especially those with restless paws!)

And visit beaches, castles, gardens, hills and dales

We can fill it to the max (refuelling regularly with snacks!)

Or instead enjoy it at the pace of snails!

And yet…

There’ll be those in certain roles who won’t be taking pleasant strolls

Nor will they be relaxing in the sun

They won’t be sleeping late in bed as they’ll be working hard instead,

And we’re so grateful to you, each and every one.

So to those who’ll be on shift please know your efforts are a gift

To all the people in communities you serve

We’ll set aside a slice of cake for when it’s time to have your break

And thank you – it’s the least that you deserve.


This poem is dedicated to all the sports, health, wellbeing and fitness

coaches who believe in us, even when we don’t believe in ourselves. I have

had the privilege of working with amazing sports coaches who are tireless

in their encouragement and enthusiasm to support everyone in achieving

their personal bests. So, to all those out there who motivate, train and

inspire others in sport, this is for you.

You are the champions.

There are times we feel defeated, we lack the drive and are deflated

And sport seems too much effort, ineffective, over-rated.

We could succumb to the settee for a night of aimless viewing

But instead, it’s thanks to you that we are up and we are doing!

Whether football, swimming, tennis, dance or martial arts combined

Your guidance makes us stronger in our muscles, hearts and minds.

You have given us the confidence to achieve our very best

(as we stagger home exhausted for some chocolate and a rest!)

You look beyond our lack of fitness and see potential in the making

(And you encourage us politely when we’re grumpy and we’re aching!)

You choose to see the best in us as fearless, brave and bold

And though you may not always know it, you are worth your weight in gold


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