What is galentines and how can you celebrate it?

For all those in sticky situationships, happy (or not so) singletons, or anyone that really values their platonic soulmates, Galentines is probably the one for you.

Happening before Valentines’, 13th February is traditionally a day to celebrate your female friendships- the word is a blend of ‘gal’ and ‘valentines’. But now it has naturally expanded to include any non-romantic relationship, so grab your girls, guys, and non-binary pals and enjoy your day. 

Sometimes if you’re in the type of relationship that makes us singles roll our eyes (in a totally jealous way), it can be easy to get wrapped up in the sugary romance. But remember, this is a day to really appreciate your friends and the different type of love that they can supply you with.

What are some fun ways to celebrate?

  • The scene of many-a cozy films, a pyjama party can either be relaxed or injected with energy (aka alcohol) depending on what you’re feeling! Squabble over a movie, get some good food, and crash on the sofa.
  • Talking of food, this can provide an activity in itself. From going out to a boozy brunch to all chipping in to make a home-cooked meal, food is something that everyone can enjoy. And not a fan of savoury? Bake a cake or similar sugary-injected goodies.
  • Dependent on your price point, booking a daytime activity can be a way to get out and away from your day-to-day stresses. The options really are endless, from a trip to the zoo to a game of lifesized monopoly.
  • “Happiness is not in money but in shopping,” said Marilyn Monroe. While she might have had more money to initially fund this hobby, window shopping is not to be overlooked…

So valentine or no valentine, you still deserve to, and can, enjoy love this February.

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