“He bears responsibility for my fellow constituents’ death”: Can Matt Hancock make a political comeback?

Matt Hancock’s decision to partake in the popular show “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” has sparked nationwide controversy and criticism against the now-suspended MP.

Hancock first underwent vast criticism during his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic during his time as Health Secretary, most notably due to him being caught breaking his own guidelines whilst having an affair with his aide. This ultimately led to his resignation as Health Secretary.

Sam Bugeja-Blanchard, left, and Charles Cartwright, right. Both are part of the Conservative Society.

Despite both being members of the Conservative Society, both Sam Bugeja-Blanchard and Charles Cartwright condemned Hancock’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. While Sam stated it was handled “atrociously”, Charles reinforced this sentiment by saying it was done “absolutely disastrously”.

Sam’s criticism of Hancock grew as he deemed his decision to enter the jungle as “a slap in the face” suggesting he was crossing his job with “celebrity”.

Many have wondered whether Hancock is trying to redeem himself to enable and boost a political comeback. Charles said his entrance to the show is “all a political manoeuvre”, and suggested Hancock is aiming to appear as “the nice politician”. 

Both made it clear they would be unhappy with Hancock returning to politics.

Perhaps supporters of the Conservative Party don’t support his continuation in the party at all.

Lucas Pentland, Politics student and member of the Conservative Society.

Unlike Sam and Charles, Lucas stated he thought: “Mistakes were made… but I do think he did his very best”, and while referring to his affair with his aide said: “by the time you’re in your mid-forties you should be able to control yourself better than that”.

However, he said Hancock’s entrance to the jungle “undermines the office. If you’re an MP, then your job is to represent your constituents. If you’re not representing your constituents, you don’t deserve to hold that office”.

Referencing Hancock’s attempt to better his image and possibly attempt to gain pity Lucas stated: “hopefully it won’t work”. 

However, the responses online to Hancock has been a mixture, while some have not forgiven him, others have found entertainment from him and seen him in a new light.

Some twitter users wrote:

“Don’t judge me… but I really like Matt Hancock!”

“Matt Hancock. What a top bloke. Have him back in government in a heartbeat”

George Plumb, member of Matt Hancock’s constituency and journalism student

George, a member of Hancock’s constituency, was very critical of him and stated: “Quite honestly I think he should be running from our constituency but unfortunately that won’t happen”. He further added that he “expected” that Matt Hancock would be part of the Partygate scandal. 

Commenting on why Matt went on the show he commented: “I can think of four hundred thousand reasons”, referencing the sum of money he is being paid for the show.

When commenting on Hancock’s comments in the jungle claiming that he had fallen in love with his aide George said “I don’t think he is a trustworthy person. I don’t think he is honest. I don’t think he is truthful to his constituents or to the press, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was lying”. 

Perhaps members from both sides of the political spectrum don’t want Matt to return to politics.

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