“ Feliz Navidad” from CU Carols

The University of Essex Christian Union society held a Carols service night full of singing and sharing with the purpose of delivering a Christmas message this last Tuesday the 6th of December.

As students were arriving, the room became warmer and warmer with a pleasant background noise of many conversations and greetings between groups of people of all ages.

The lights went down, highlighting all of the Christmas decorations and the tree lights, and the show began.

Credits: Rebel

Between reading God’s sayings and listening to songs from the Carols quire, organised by the society event’s coordinator Theo Dwumah, everyone was feeling the magic of Christmas.

“ All we wanted was for people to enjoy the atmosphere and understand what this festive season means for us.  We had about 80 people showing up tonight and all our events are growing into a nice number,” said Jasmine Glatter, the President of the Society.

Credits: Rebel

Naomi Sherwood, from the Universities and Colleges Christians Fellowship ( UCCF) charity, delivered a speech about all the sacrifices people have made this year. With the war in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis, it is comforting to see that our world is still filled with love and warmth.

Finishing with the song “Feliz Navidad” everyone was invited to enjoy a hot drink and various foods while having a great time.

The Christian Union Society has weekly Prayer meetings, but if you are not a Christian, you can still attend their Main Meetings every Tuesday to learn more about their faith and make new friends.

Credits: Rebel

“ One word to describe our society is “chilled”. We are just a fun group of students who hang out together and just have a great time. We have plenty of free hot drinks and free food,

“ We are welcome to everyone so come along to our events,” said Jane.

The Christian Union Society will be at the Christmas Fair next week, but you can also find them at their Secret Santa event on Tuesday, December 13th.

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