Tapathon 2022: Essex Blades Dance club’s biggest fundraising event of the year

Essex Blades Dance hasn’t stopped moving with two fundraising events and a world record attempt last weekend. 

The Tapathon, which took place Sunday 20th, raised over £300 for Children in Need and is the club’s biggest fundraising event of the year. 

Gabrielle Crook, the President of Essex Blades Dance, said, ‘I’ve been super excited for Tapathon. It’s tough to remember it all, especially when everyone’s watching me do it. It’s super nerve-wracking but I’m super happy it’s been done.’

‘The main aim is to raise money for Children in Need,’ she continued, ‘We had a few people come and spectate, so then we raised even more money with cake and refreshments.’

The Tapathon also saw the dance club attempt to break the world record for “the most people performing a tap routine at the same time”, with the help of many other dance schools and groups across the country.

Gabrielle said, ‘Personally for the dance society, tap isn’t something that we currently offer, and tap is my favorite style… I’ve been doing the Tapathon for years as well, so it’s good to bring tap to some of our members.’

Juliet Ware, a sociology student and member of Essex Blades Dance, also attended the Tapathon alongside almost two-dozen others. 

She said, ‘It’s been really fun, I liked that the routine was easy for everyone to do. I have 19 years of tap experience, but this is my first time doing the Tapathon. It’s a really great way to raise money for charity.’ 

The Tapathon has been running each year since 2010. 

The dance club also performed a routine to “Rise Up” for the Talking Bollocks Charity Showcase, which raised almost £1,000 for the Robin Cancer Trust on Saturday. 

They danced spectacularly alongside multiple other societies from the University of Essex, where Gabrielle Crook was specifically asked to perform a number from the Mean Girls Musical.

The showcase featured multiple dance, singing and music performances, as well as a play, named “One Man Down”, based on the true story of a testicular cancer survivor. 

If you have the money to spare, donate to Children in Need, and the Robin Cancer Trust.

Please be sure to read my article on the Talking Bollocks Charity Showcase, which featured the dance club. 

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