Travel to… Seoul, South Korea!

Do you ever wonder what should you eat and visit while in Seoul? Joanna Wocial lists her top 5 favourites. 

Ever thought of traveling somewhere exotic? Are you interested in K-pop and the Hallyu Wave? Or do you like to try different types of food? Then South Korea is the place for you!

My Top 5 places to visit when in Seoul:

No.1:   Namsan Tower -is the most famous tourist attraction to visit, when in Seoul. The day and night views are fantastic, and it is the perfect place to go on a date, or even just a nice walk by yourself or with friends!

The view from the Namsan Tower. Picture by Joanna

No.2:   Gyeongbokgung Palace – is one of the most famous Palaces out of the many historical Palaces in South Korea. If you wear a Hanbok (the traditional Korean dress) you gain free entry into the Palace! The changing of the guard here is also quite remarkable.

The perks of wearing a Hanbok / Picture by Joanna

No.3:   Lotte World Tower – is the tallest building in South Korea and the 5thtallest building in the world. It has a massive shopping centre inside with an indoor cinema and aquarium too!

You can spend a whole day there, either with friends or family / Picture by Joanna

No.4:   Cheonggyecheon Stream – is great to visit for just a nice quiet walk or a romantic stroll. It is also where the annual Seoul Lantern Festival takes place in November. The lanterns are very beautiful and capture the Korean culture and symbolism very well.

Light festival on the river/ Picture by Joanna

No.5:   K Star Road

            Finally, for all those K-pop lovers out there, the K Star Road! The K Star Road is a great way to see the effect of the Hallyu Wave and do some window shopping, as it is in the most expensive part of Seoul – Gangnam. It is close to FNC Entertainment and the old JYP Entertainment building too.

Gangnamdol on the K star Road / Picture by Joanna 

Next up… Food!

Here is a list of my top 5 favourite Korean dishes:

Kimbap– Perfect for a snack or lunch.

Ramyeon – The staple diet of your average Korean student. It is cheap and easy to make.

Bibimbap– Perfect for a main meal and combines all different types of side dishes into one meal. Very delicious, must try!

‘Sam-gyeop-sal’– Basically meaning ‘Pork Belly Meat’. Sam-gyeop-sal is perfect for hanging out with friends, particularly in the evenings. An alternate dish for the evening would be the all famous Korean ‘Chicken and Beer’. When drinking, rather than saying ‘cheers’ try and be like a Korean and say ‘Kom-beh’ or ‘jang’ (which both mean ‘cheers’).

Bingsu– One of the best desserts ever! It is made of shaved ice (which melts in your mouth) and is served with cream and a fruit topping.

Looks delicious! / Picture by Joanna 

There are of course many more foods and a lot of different types of Korean soups too (and of course the famous Korean side dish – Kimchi).

I hope this short guide has been proven useful to you and that you enjoy your trip, if you decide to come to South Korea.

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