Dear America, please vote out rapists

Shivani Dubey and Penelope Magnani discuss sexual assault within the American political system and how voting can change it.

On 6th October 2018, Brett Kavanaugh was elected Supreme Court Judge. Millions of hearts broke worldwide, as an alleged sexual assaulter was elected to the highest Judicial position of America. It’s absolutely disgusting how America and its judicial system has let down the entire world.

Watching the trial, you could see how biased and angry a person he was. How will he deliver justice to people? How do you expect him to rule fairly if a sexual assault case presents itself to the Supreme Court? He is not fit to be a Supreme Court judge, yet he still made it to the top. No action is ever taken against sexual predators, which is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t come out with their stories. They never get justice, they are ridiculed all over the world and end up humiliated instead. How do you think survivors will find the courage to speak up? But it’s not just Kavanaugh, more than half of the American Political system in the last two years has been involved in a sexual assault scandal.

US President Donald Trump is no stranger to these cases either. Throughout his candidature as Republican Party Representative during the 2016 Elections, more than 20 allegations were made against Trump. Cases have resurfaced from years ago, and who can forget the infamous “grab her by the pussy” tape recording?

In 2018, two cases against the President have appeared on international news – both concerned with infidelity. One of the cases involves adult actress Stormy Daniels who was paid hush money by Trump’s then-lawyer Michael Cohen before the general elections. Daniels was more than once accused of being a hypocrite because of her profession.

Another person who had an affair with Trump is Playboy model Karen McDougal. She followed Daniels’ footsteps, bringing to light an affair with Trump which happened in 2006. She was also paid off in a similar fashion.

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Kavanaugh and Trump are some of the better-known cases, but politicians representing 27 out of the 50 states of America are involved in sexual misconduct scandals. With the Midterms coming up, it is important for people to be informed about who they are voting into power.

America finally has the chance to change the face of their states and who represents them. Representatives of States like California, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts and many others, have all been guilty of some form of sexual misconduct. Although most of them have resigned, connections to these scandals remain.

The young generation has the power to change the face of the world, and they should start that process by getting out of our houses and voting to elect the right people to govern their countries. 

Marsha Blackburn, who is representing Republicans in Tennessee, has expressed extreme opinions. Blackburn stated that she opposes equal pay as well as abortion and she voted against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which attempts to protect women against domestic violence, stalking and date rape. She also has strong anti LGBTQ+ views.On the other hand is sexual assault survivor Martha McSally, who is representing Republicans in Arizona. McSally is a strong example for all the women as she is going for a high political position in the US Congress, which houses two of the most powerful men of the country.. 

We should also not dismiss the efforts of the civilians who came forward with their stories. When Dr Christine Ford came forth regarding the Kavanaugh assault she had nothing to gain from it. There was no bolster to her career or social status, no paid compensation, no outstanding award waiting for her – coming forward brought no benefit to her and yet she testified. Not just in front of attorneys or the country, but the entire world to take a stand for all victims and despite it all she was still let down.

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We tell our boys and girls that they should speak up against their assaulters, yet when they do, nothing happens. Questions such as ‘were you drunk, what were you wearing, did you say yes at first’ are asked. If America can’t condemn the people running it, how can victims expect to be taken seriously? The hypocrisy is insane. 

With Midterms coming up, Americans have a chance to change that. They have the chance to select who represents them and vote for what is right. The young generation has the power to change the face of the world, and they should start that process by getting out of our houses and voting to elect the right people to govern their countries. America has a chance to right all the wrongs of the past two years. We urge all Americans to go out and vote on November 6th. Do not let the voices of Dr. Ford and countless others go in vain. 

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