10 ways to get involved with Rebel

Wondering how to get involved with Rebel? Here are our top 10 tips with all the info you need to get up and running with Rebel.

1. Join Rebel for free

Rebel is free to join for all Essex students. You can sign up at www.essexstudent.com/rebel right now, for free. Yes, it’s free!

2. Come to our open day on Friday

This Friday between 1 and 3, pop in to the home of Rebel, the SU Creative Studios, on the ground floor of the SIlberrad Centre and come and see our facilities. We’ve got live demonstrations of our live TV broadcast setup, our radio studios, a taster of the workshops we run, and an insight into how we make our magazine. It’s open to everyone, so come along and meet the exec who will be on hand to answer all of your questions. Check out the facebook event here https://www.facebook.com/events/352011325248096

3. Come to our weekly Story Sprints every Wednesday

On Wednesdays from 5-8, we pack out the studios and all get together to make some media. We’ll have a look at some of the top stories that week, and then we’ll all get our heads together as a group to write articles, make videos, record packages and radio shows all about those stories, then publish them later that week. It’s a perfect way to start learning about all the things you can do with Rebel. Our first one is TONIGHT, and you can join the facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/502562810107455/

4. Complete an induction for the Creative Studios

Now you’ve seen the studios, you probably want to get access to them, right? Well, as a Rebel member you can have 24/7 access to the studios after you’ve completed an induction to use them. Drop in and see our technicians between 12-1 on Mondays and Thursdays, and we can do an induction for you there and then. We can also do inductions during story sprints, so if you’re coming along to your first one on a Wednesday, we’ll get your induction done there too.

5. Follow Rebel on social media

Rebel is all over social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat users, search for rebelessex and you’ll find us. If you’re on Facebook, one of the best ways to keep up to date with everything Rebel is to join the Rebel Members group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1041976059273330

6. Host your own show, make videos or write your own articles on Rebel

This is the best thing about Rebel. You could write articles about things you care about. You could report the news and hone your journalism skills. You could make a short film. You could host your own radio show, about any topic you like, or playing any music you like. You could create media about something awesome your club or society has done. Or you could just make a cute cat video – that’s cool, we love cats. Rebel gives you the platform to do all of these things, and publish it to a wide audience here at the University. If this sounds like something you want to do, head over to www.essexstudent.com/rebel/contacts to get in touch with the right people. Top tip – all of Rebel content generally falls into one of our sections: News, Entertainment, Sport, Culture and Lifestyle. If you have an idea which section your story falls into, find the right section editor or producer on the contacts page directly. Or if you want a radio show, contact the Head of Programming to get a slot.

7. Learn new media skills with our training and workshops

At Rebel, we won’t just throw you in the deep end. We know that all of this can seem daunting at first, but we’ll give you as much support as you want or need. We make sure everyone who needs it has the best training possible. In fact, we won the Highly Commended award last year just for Best Training Initiative from the Student Radio Association. That means we’re one of the top 3 student media groups in the country for our radio training. On top of this, we run a huge program of workshops, where we’ll teach you all of the skills you need to create any and all of the things you’re interested in. Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects – these are just some of the programs we’ll teach you how to use. Or if you want to learn more about Photography, Film, or Radio, we guarantee there’s a workshop for you. Head to www.essexstudent.com/learn and click “I want to learn media skills or get tech savvy” to see what we’ve got lined up for you. Don’t forget to check back regularly, as we update the page with new workshops weekly.

8. Get involved in some of Rebel’s bigger projects

Every year, there are a number of massive projects that Rebel run. Next term, Rebel will be covering the SU Leadership Race, which means you can be part of a huge team that covers the elections. We host and stream live debates, where you could present, gather information, film, edit, operate cameras, sound or the actual broadcast of the live events. You could write articles about the election, or host radio shows LBC style with all the details people need to know. We also cover Derby Day, which will be in term 3 this year, so if you want to be part of a team that provides extensive live coverage of the biggest sporting event on campus, Rebel is the place to do just that. Exciting, right? We’ll send out more details about these events as we get closer to the time, but if you’re interested in being a part of any of these things already, drop an email to rebel@essex.ac.uk

9. Build a portfolio and get noticed by future employers

Student media across the country is well known as a route into the media industry. If you’re considering a career in the media in any way, you can build a portfolio of work with Rebel that you can use in the future when you’re looking for media jobs.

10. Join the Rebel exec

The Rebel exec are the team of students that make everything Rebel happen. There are over 60 roles on the Rebel exec, and if you want to gain leadership experience, or if you think you can help to take Rebel up to the next level, then you should 100% apply to be on the Rebel exec. The exec is normally appointed in term 2 every year for the following year (just like Society elections), but this year there are a number of roles open right now, so if you’re interested, check out https://www.rebelessex.com/available-positions/ to see whats available and how you can apply.

11. Join Rebel for free

Wait, didn’t we already have this one? And wasn’t this supposed to be a top 10 list? Either way, joining Rebel is the key to unlocking all of the amazing things above. If you’ve not done it yet, what are you waiting for? Get over to www.essexstudent.com/rebel now and join for free. We can’t wait to meet you!

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