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Radio Shows

A&M in the PM – Cameron Thrower, Daniel Owusu, and Chris Armstrong
Welcome to the official radio show for Essex Anime & Manga Society, in collaboration with Rebel Radio. Tune in with our hosts, Cameron, Dan, Chris, and their weekly guest as they discuss the goings-on in the industry, genre tropes, what is currently airing and the like!

Alex Kemp’s American Sports Show – Alex Kemp
Alex Kemp brings you the coverage of the weekly news and games from all the Major Leagues of American Sports

Bad Jokes with Danny and Kelly – Danny Anderson
One hour of cringe-worthy jokes and the banter that follows. Complemented with banging tunes and way too many Vine references.

Cut the Spin with The Lobbyist – Kafui Okpattah
A news and current affairs talk show aimed at generating the highest quality of political discussion. Cut the Spin will plot through the soundbites and unnecessary jargon; stripping ideas bare and putting through the toughest form of scrutiny

Fixation & Feelings – Savanna Rayment
A mix of music, talking to people, sharing thoughts & new ideas on the past week

Girls and Gays – Ivo De Gortani
Three second years vent, reminisce and hash out their University experiences as well as making fun of each other and of everything that surrounds them.

Good Moorening Essex! – Lauren Moore and Cameron Thrower
Good Moorening Essex is the morning show to wake you up and give you some laughs before you start your day!

GOODVIBES – Samira Diebire
Waking up in the morning is complicated and difficult. It is even more challenging to start the day, especially when we have a thousand different commitments to face. Why not start it in the right direction? GOODVIBES will help you begin your beautiful day with positive vibes through music and with a phrase of the day!

Hey, That’s Mildly Adequate – Matei Parascan
Join Matt Paraswag as he pours his stream of consciousness into a microphone for an hour. Musical breaks at one’s discretion.

Just Wheezy – Louisa Whitford
Join me, Wheezy, every week for some chilled out conversation about my life, internet culture, and a few of my favorite songs along the way.

Ménage à Quatre! – Pascal Vaughan, Matthias Feraud, Maxime Banzet, and Hugo Guguen
Free speech, open minds and croissants. Covering different subjects from the extremely dumb to the extremely serious, this show will grab your attention and never let it go.

Mila Peace – Mila Peace
The show is about speeding knowledge & good energy among uni students with different genre of music. Stress relief giving meditation practices/breathing exercises, poetry & what’s going on in today’s society that the news doesn’t cover.

Politics Now – HK Norman
Politics as it happens, made simple. General discussion about politics, news about ongoing politics, lively debate and interviews.

Poppin’ Charts – Hélène Sherratt
The latest pop and charts music, hand-picked by Rebel Radio’s Pop and Charts Coordinator. Tune in for great tunes and news from your favorite artists!

Pre-Drinks Show – Tom Abadie
The best dance music, from now and the past. Expect the latest tunes, some banging hits from the 2010s and some classics from further back. Get on your feet and dance away!

The PXV Show – Pascal Vaughan
2 hours of fun, stress free entertainment, talking about many different subjects with interventions from the audience.

Rock the World – Julija Sestakova
Rock music from all over the world from easy alternatives to hard rock and metal. Great way to expand your horizon of greatness that is rock music!

The Silver Screen – Matthias Feraud
Action packed, comedic and interactive debates concerning movies of all genres and origins.

Songs to Lose Your Mind To – Iyunoluwanimi Yemi-Shodimu
Conversations on movies and art, that aim to apply the lessons learned in art to life. Sports Hour – Alex Kemp Listen in to hear the latest on your BUCS teams and exclusive team interviews.

Stay Cool with Bearfella – Eric Berfella
Radio is not dying and it doesn’t have to be boring. And here at Rebel radio, we bring you your daily dose of rebellion. Electronic music, outside the box facts and talks, craziness and all around good vibes. Stay cool so you don’t act a fool.

Talking The Most – Andrew Kyriakides
In this show, Andrew and Neil let loose their controversial views on a number of topics this week.

Tanki’s Time – Tanki
Covering what is happening in the world, discussing about it alongside music

Tea Time Tom – Tom Abadie Welcome to Tea Time Tom, an original talk with good music, interesting topics which will vary from legalization of abortion, to the history of musicals or even the social impact of Tinder.

Top Bins Finish – Tom Abadie
The very best of football talks will be on this show: backroom talks, Fantasy League, local football and UEFC. Join the talk of the hour!

UniWaves – Ayse Emin
UniWaves – riding the wave… Living in a new environment, balling on a budget, partying, building relationships and general student know how, chat and tips.

The WBBL Show – Alex Kemp
Catch up with the latest from the WBBL, with interviews from our own professional team, the Essex Rebels.


The Elevator - Dan Eboka