The 50 Hour Rebellion 2018

We are extremely pleased and excited for the return of our special annual fundraising event: The 50 Hour Rebellion. This year, Rebel is teaming up with Cancer Research UK to help make breast cancer a thing of the past.

At 09:00am on Thursday March 1, Rebel Radio will be starting an extraordinary broadcast that will run non-stop until 11:00am on Saturday March 3; that’s 50 solid hours of radio!

There is so much to look forward to as part of our broadcast. We have new shows from new presenters; new match-ups of our current presenters; special editions of our regular shows; and lots of exciting stuff going on alongside. Weather depending (because this is Britain, everything is weather depending) , you can find us broadcasting live from Square Three on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes (weather dependant, of course!) as well as having a live football match between an invitation team and the best of our Futsal team.

With all that going on, there is something for every person and every musical taste. But, if you want something more, we also have the pièce de résistance in the form of our original murder mystery play, The Murder and The Mystery: Colchester Drift. This is the third murder mystery we will have put on in our short time as Rebel Radio, and, like the previous ones (if you missed them, you can catch The Murder of Freddie Chalke-Marshall and Murder Mystery II: Murder Harder on the site), has been written by our former Head of Radio, Thomas Rowson. The cast know as little about the play as anyone else, as they will be reading it live for the very first time. With some laughs and great music thrown in, it’s not to be missed. Check out our Facebook page too for when we release details of how you can be in the audience as it’s broadcast – weather depending, of course!

This will be first time many of our presenters have broadcast through the night and into the wee hours of the morning. It’s going to be a great, if tiring experience for them, and it is all for a great cause.


This year for The 50 Hour Rebellion, we are turning Rebel pink as we play our part in the war against breast cancer. During the course of our marathon event, over 300 women in the UK will be diagnosed with this awful beast. Here at Rebel, we believe that all cancers can be cured and will be cured in our lifetime, so we are delighted, excited, and very proud to be doing our bit, however small that is. Even if our efforts bring the breakthrough forwards by just one day, that’s going to make all the bleary eyes worth it.

This is a real team effort, and you’ll find videos and articles coming along both during the event and afterwards as part of it all. We’re a family here at Rebel, which is why it’s so great to work together across all the different elements of what we do – united by a great cause.

So join us from 9am on Thursday March 1 here on or by searching for Rebel on the TuneIn website and app (which means you can take us on the road with you – weather depending, of course!). And if you can, please visit our just giving page by clicking on the big donate button and help us in the fight against breast cancer. Every single penny really does make a difference.

Let’s beat breast cancer!

Thursday's schedule for The 50 Hour Rebellion 2018
Friday's schedule for The 50 Hour Rebellion 2018
Saturdays's schedule for The 50 Hour Rebellion 2018